Form 1023 (501c3)

In order for the nonprofit to obtain adequate funding from grants requiring tax exempt status and individuals who want the tax deduction, nonprofits must apply for their 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS. The IRS gives an organization 27 months to complete the application. Most organizations spend 100 hours of time and take 12 months to complete the application. 

The application is 28 pages with 100 pages of instruction:

  • 1023 Instructions
  • Publication 557
  • 1023 Application

We help nonprofit organizations file their application with less time and anxiety. We have completed the application anywhere between 10-40 hours of time.

  • We meet with you to get to know your organization.  We care about your nonprofit organization and work with you for your success.
  • We use the application as a business plan for nonprofit organizations.  You will guided through a proven process that ensures the success of your organization in your beginning three years.
  • Since the application is open to the public and can be read by grantors, donors, volunteers and others, we ensure you present a clear picture of your organization mission, objectives, purpose and goals.  
  • We provide standard nonprofit industry policies and information including policies samples and customization.
  • We provide a list of items needed to complete your 1023 application and guide you through each piece to a final completion of the document.