Grant Writing Services

We assist organizations in the grant application process by teaching organizations how to write grants and search for applicable grants.  Grants are one part of multiple income sources for nonprofits:
  • Individual donors
  • Fundraising events
  • Earned income
  • Business donations
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Foundation frants
  • State grants
  • Federal grants

As with any company there is always the need to have money to make money. Nonprofit organizations are similar to for profit organizations in this regard. However, that is where the similarities end. Whether an organization obtains funds from individual contributors, foundations, or government grantors, they usually need to seek out and apply for these grants. The process includes building relationships with organizations and individuals.

Foundations and nonprofit organizations and activists in Colorado (applicable to all states) have collaborated and created the Colorado Common Grant Application.  This application can be used as a living grant template.  Once you have developed the application, you can apply for any grants and then custom the information to the specific grant application.  The document can easily changed as your organization changes.

CANDO!'s Living Grant Template Service helps you create a template custom tailored for your organization.

After establishing the Common Grant Application it is important to evaluate what grants you will apply for in the coming year.  Grantors have different dates and requirements and organizations need to evaluate these different funders to ensure the grant is appropriate for their nonprofit organizations and they can meet the requirements of the grant.  Planning is key to accomplishing your grant goals.

For this, contact us about CANDO!'s Grant Strategic Plan

CANDO! offers grant services for a vareity of grants including:
  •     Strategic Grant Writing Plans
  •     Strategic Fundraising Plans
  •     Common Grant Applications (CGA's)
  •     Foundation Grants
  •     Corporate Grants
  •     State Grants