Keeping Your Nonprofit Operating

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Annual IRS Filings

The IRS requires the 990 be filed annually.  If your organization has less than $50,000 in gross receipts, you can file for a 990N.  Otherwise, there are other 990 forms you may have to file.

SOLUTION:  I can assist with filing a 990N or a 990EZ.  I work with local accountants who specialize in nonprofit organizations that can assist with other tax needs including the regular 990 form.

Annual State Filings

The state requires you file the Charitable Solicitations Registrations by May 15 each year.
The state requires an annual report be filed for your organization.

SOLUTION:  I assist organizations in completing these annual filings.

State Tax Exempt Certificate

The state allows you to obtain a Tax Exempt Certificate so you don’t have to pay taxes for purchases for your organization.

SOLUTION:  I can help with this paperwork and filing.

Bingo and Raffle License

State law is very specific on conducting any games of chance in Colorado.  You must be a nonprofit membership organization for at least five years before applying for this and then you must attend classes and have a licensed games manager that has been with your organization for at least 6 months.    
SOLUTION:  There are other rules required by the state and I can assist your organization in understanding these laws.