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Realities For Children

Realities For Children is a marketing and promotional company, dedicated to serving the needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County. Through business membership, we are able to provide: ongoing emergency funding, education, sponsorship support and special activities for at-risk children - when there are no other resources available. This private membership based organization, effectively creates a safety net of services to provide for the most vulnerable members of our community.



Uhambo is a United States of America nonprofit organization that provides education, fundraising and advocacy to support the mission and programs of Uhambo Foundation of South Africa.   Uhambo Foundation’s mission is to empower poor and needy people with disabilities and their families who live in disadvantaged areas of Southern Africa by providing them with appropriate wheelchairs, other assistive devices and related assistance and support.


The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado is a nonprofit, public charity that promotes local philanthropy, convenes community initiatives, and supports nonprofit organizations.


Eternal Brotherhood Ministry, Inc. (EBM)

Eternal Brotherhood Ministry’s mission is to carry out the word of God and Jesus Christ through ministry services of food, clothing, companionship, community outreach and missionary support in the Northern Colorado area.

Rocky Mountain Innosphere

Rocky Mountain Innosphere (RMI), formerly Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiatives (RMI2)
The mission of RMI2 is to enable and accelerate the success of high growth, high impact, innovation-based startup companies and to promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to sustain and nurture scientific and technology-based industries in the Northern Colorado region.


Front Range Aerospace

Front Range Aerospace’s mission is to provide educational engineering services and hands on experience in a classroom environment to high school, college and post graduate students around the world.
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James Roady Horse Rescue

The James Roady Horse Rescue is a charitable nonprofit organization providing emergency relief and improving the health status of abandoned, abused, unwanted and neglected horses.  The organization is committed to providing shelter, loving care, rehabilitation and adoption services delivered with sensitivity and compassion to every possible horse in our reach that’s at risk.  The organization provides shelter, veterinarian care, farrier services, and food to horses in their care.  They may indefinitely house the horse(s) or locate, through adoption, a permanent home.

Mountain View Music and Arts

The goal of the Mountain View HS Performing Arts Department is to create a nationally recognized program through diligent study and performance of music, dance, and theatre. This is achieved through establishing a commitment to excellence. This vision includes performance at clinics on both the state and the national level, as well as, being pioneers in the areas of music advocacy, commissioning new music, musical theatre, drama, improv comedy, and the creation of diverse performing ensembles.

Colorado Rescue, Outreach and Welfare

We Play It Forward

We Play It Forward is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower Coloradans to engage in physical activity as well as healthy habits and lifestyles by creating opportunities through monetary and equipment donations.


Elephant Population Management Program

Our mission is to benefit ecosystem health by providing wildlife managers with a safe, effective, non-lethal, and humane tool for managing their free ranging African elephant populations. We attain this mission through the development and utilization of new surgical technologies in reproductive sterilization including laparoscopic vasectomies, which will help manage elephant population growth and, in turn reduce the need for lethal control.
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A Child’s Dream

A Child’s Dream, formerly Macdonald Family Charity, was founded to grant dreams to children and youth who are terminally or chronically ill, injured, and low income in Larimer County.
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Development of Community Hawzen (DCH)

The mission of DCH is to improve quality of education by providing material and financial support to the school, advocate for improved classroom conditions and encourage and support outstanding students and teachers by providing monetary and non-monetary awards.  DCH is a organization determined to improve the lives of the residents of Hawzen and its surrounding areas through infrastructure improvements including adult and child education, sanitation, clean water, medical care and farming.
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Loveland Opera Theatre

Loveland Opera Theatre (LOT) is a charitable, tax exempt organization that provides performance and educational opportunities for emerging and seasoned artists that enhance the cultural experiences of the local community.






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Cat Care TNR SW Colorado

Cat Care TNR of Southwest Colorado Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for the protection and humane treatment of outdoor feral cats.

Colorado Campus Compact

Colorado Campus Compact is a membership organization of college and university presidents devoted to promoting civic learning. CCC is part of a national coalition of more than 1100 colleges and universities who are passionately committed to the value service learning and civic engagement brings to higher education and the community. We believe it is one of the most powerful tools to prepare students to be active, committed, and informed leaders and citizens.

4 Paws 4 Life

The mission of 4 Paws 4 Life is to rescue dogs from shelters and find them permanent homes.

Colorado Classics Club Softball Corporation

The mission of Colorado Classics Club Softball Corporation (known as the Corporation or CCCSC in this document) is to provide a positive experience on and off the field for young ladies of Northern Colorado.   The purpose is to provide quality instruction and coaching to Northern Colorado girls interested in the sport of fast pitch softball.  We strive to have a positive environment that allows teams to excel and individuals to build skills that will further their careers to the high school and collegiate levels.  Excellence is expected from the coaches, players and parent of all Colorado Classics Club Softball teams.

Colorado Rescue, Outreach and Welfare (C.R.O.W.)

C.R.O.W.’s mission is to improve the welfare of cats and their caregivers in the San Luis Valley, with a special focus on cats who are disabled, feral, or whose humans have become homeless

Escalante Parent Organization

The Escalante Parent Organization (EPO) is a charitable purpose organization supporting Escalante Middle School in Durango Colorado whose mission is to promote communication about the public education process and acts as a forum in which parents, school administrators, teachers, students and interested community members can receive information, ask questions, understand policy background, and provide input toward the constant goal of excellence.

The Estes Institute

The mission of The Estes Institute is to provide an educational organization that supports conservation by providing for research and education for university research programs, conservation practitioners and student researchers while acting as a catalyst for global engagement.

Food Aid Project

Food Aid Project, Inc.  is a charitable purpose, nonprofit organization [501(c)(3) pending] whose mission is to support food and economic security by increasing the efficiency of and access to the bulk food procurement and distribution network. Food Aid Project will provide procurement and merchandising assistance—plus valuable decision support—to domestic and international non-profit food aid organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies.

Front Range on Track

Front Range on Track (FRONT) works for the re-establishment of passenger rail through city and town centers of Rocky Mountain Front Range communities to provide the necessary cost-effective transportation backbone to support the advancement of short and long-term regional economic prosperity and community vitality.

GRIT Athletics/Wrestling

GRIT Athletics, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to inspire and provide youth 18 and under and of various economic circumstances, including low and moderate income families, with a rich life through athletic opportunities and a variety of sport competitions while developing skills for challenges along the way.


The mission of HealthKind is to partner with local communities to develop and implement sustainable, integrated health care programs in the developing world.  Our programs include citizen health education, health worker education and delivery of health services.  We collaborate with government and international NGOs to develop local citizens’ capacity to build, staff, and maintain health care programs and services that meet their unique and self-defined needs.

Hunter Higher Education Research

Hunter Higher Education Research (HHER) seeks to inform science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education policy and practice through increased awareness and understanding of pedagogical and curricular innovation in higher education based on empirical evidence.  Accordingly, the mission of Hunter Higher Education Research is directed at improving college science teaching and learning and the preparation of a diversity of talent for the global challenges of the 21st Century.

Laramie River Valley Rendezvous

Laramie River Valley Rendezvous is devoted to increasing at-risk youths’ self esteem and confidence, while introducing them to law enforcement and nature in a wilderness camp setting, to reduce criminal recidivism.  The organization works to bring at-risk youth in Larimer County (and occasionally Weld and Summit County), Colorado, together with law enforcement officers in an outdoor adventure camp, at no cost to the campers.

Mountain View Music and Arts

Mountain View Music and Arts (MVMA) is a charitable nonprofit school booster organization that is committed to providing Mountain View High School students with creative outlets for self expression and artistic, intellectual and emotional growth, promoting a positive image of the music and arts programs, fostering communication between the school staff, parents, students, and the administration, and providing financial support for the music and arts programs.

Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department

This organization provides services of extinguishing and prevent fires of all kinds, providing emergency medical services and associated rescue, provides public safety and emergency response to natural disasters in the Rist Canyon area.

The Phoenix Garage

Students building academic skills and cool cars with green technology.

Veteran’s Plaza of Northern Colorado

The mission of the Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado is to maintain and improve its physical location that promotes awareness of and provides education about the contribution of US Military veterans – past and currently serving – and to conduct events honoring those veterans.

Denver Ballet Theatre


Zac's Legacy Foundation

Zac's Legacy Foundation