Form 1023EZ Completion provides 501c3 Tax Exempt Status for organizations with projected income of $50,000 or less and that meet the 1023EZ Eligibility Worksheet.

This product and service includes:

  1. obtaining your nonprofit EIN number;
  2. the development and filing of the proper Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policy Templates;
  3. Nonprofit Industry Best Practices information;
  4. submission of your Form 1023EZ for 501c3 Tax Exempt Status.
State Articles of Incorporation:
(fees vary by state)
CO State Fee Schedule
IRS Tax Exempt Application Fee: IRS Fee Schedule
Consulting Fee:  $200


  • Quick filing with a usually quick turn around by the IRS
  • Guarantee by CANDO! 
    • Once all necessary and correct information is received from your organization, CANDO! will submit correct content to IRS and filing can be completed within 30 calendar days. CANDO! does not guarantee IRS approval of application.

Drawbacks of 1023EZ filing:

  • May affect credibility and effectiveness
  • No submitted documentation to IRS and/or State may impact meeting of IRS and State filings
  • Lack of awareness of filing requirements
  • Incomplete document filing for nonprofit industry standards
  • Lack of Board of Director duties, roles and responsibilities to the organization
  • No strategic plan for public, IRS and State entities, government grantors, foundations, corporations, donors, possible volunteers/board of directors, clients/those interested in your organization to review and develop interest in organization