Easy platforms to get more donations for your nonprofit!

I’m taking a bit of a turn in this grant heartbeat to share some social media and online giving methods offered by companies. Although some offer “grants”, these are mostly giving platforms that can be used to grow your online presence and receive donations. Many are passive income sources, but still require you to do your own marketing. Even if you don’t do your own marketing, you can still receive money from the donation options. Yet, it’s good to create your profile and/or fundraising options with these platforms to take advantage of every dollar you can to further your mission!


Facebook Fundraisers: Facebook offers a platform for nonprofit organizations to conduct fundraisers and for individuals to select a nonprofit to do fundraisers for an organization they support. You can use Facebook’s platform where you will receive data and even donor information, Network for Good or Paypal Giving Fund, which do not give donor information due to privacy concerns. You can start raising money for your nonprofit at anytime.


Giving Tuesday: Every year there are Giving Days to raise money for nonprofits. Facebook began their own Giving Tuesday which this year will be December 3, 2019. Giving Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and “kicks off the charitable season”. There is no charge for participating and you don’t have to “join” any particular activity. They do have Community Campaigns in many cities that help to coordinate a group of nonprofits or an individual nonprofit around a certain cause.



AmazonSmile gives shoppers an opportunity to select a charity to donate to and then Amazon gives “ .5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organizations selected” by the customer. AmazonSmile is truly a passive income stream. You should let your donors know how to participate, but the money comes straight to your checking account. Make sure you are set up on Guidestar before you start. Also, be prepared to claim and register your organization, provide an administrator with contact information, email address and a voided copy of your check.



JustGiving is an online social giving platform you can use to raise more money for your organization. They offer a personalized donation page, payment processing, ways to share your fundraising campaign and even great ideas on fundraising. You will need your Guidestar profile before you start.


Network for Good

Network for Good provides nonprofits a fundraising platform and valuable fundraising education and services. They are highly regarded as a leading resource for nonprofit organization and they have their own 501c3 donor advised fund which is part of their massive donation platform.


There are many other platforms you can try to help manage your volunteer base, such as Salesforce, VolunteerMatch and CommunityFunded. They have proven to be successful ways to get your online donation train moving along your track to increased funding.