The Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) supports projects to improve the welfare of their farm animals or build capacity of their operations.This year FACT will offer three types of grants: Certification Grant, Capacity Grant and Pasture Grant

Up to $2,500 per application (joint applications allowed)


Eligible applications will be scored on the following factors:

  • How well the proposed project would help the farm improve animal welfare;
  • How well the proposed project is designed and if it would help the farm reach the intended goal (increasing access to or improving pasture, achieving certification, building capacity);
  • If there is sufficient expertise to complete the project;
  • If the timeline and proposed steps are achievable; and
  • If the budget is reasonable and related to the project.

In general, while the number of animals that will benefit from a proposed project is not a stand-alone factor, it may be taken into consideration when scoring comparable projects.


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Applications must be submitted online by 11:59pm CST on November 28, 2018.
One application per farm will be accepted. This means that farmers should choose one grant category and may only submit one application total. Grants will be awarded in January or February 2019.

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