There are thousands of foundations that do not hold open grant processes. Many are family foundations who don’t want to be contacted and don’t share what they fund. I am often asked how they find nonprofits to fund and I’ve learned there are several ways these foundations learn about nonprofits they want to support.

  1. Your nonprofit is very successful in the delivery of your programs.
  2. Your nonprofit is in the news for the work you are doing.
  3. Your nonprofit markets your nonprofit really well so everyone knows you exist.
  4. Your nonprofit has fundraisers that raise lots of money with many different supporters.
  5. Your nonprofit board, staff and volunteers walk in the same circles and network with the family who has the foundation.
  6. Your nonprofit has strong support with foundations that do provide grants.

Accomplished nonprofits are recognized by family, and other, foundations. They catch their eye by being known for their work, fundraising and overall success.

The Streisand Foundation

This foundation focuses on environmental issues, women’s advocacy, civil liberties, civil rights and various causes such as AIDS and disadvantaged children. Although they use an invitation process, they allow nonprofit organizations to reach out to them and share their information. You can do so by writing to:

The Streisand Foundation
1327 Ocean Ave
Suite H
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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