Not only is it time to file your 990s and your State Charitable Solicitation Registrations but this is a special year that can help all nonprofit organizations throughout the country.  It is Census time and only happens once every 10 years. Every nonprofit should encourage all their supporters and clients to complete the Census because every person counted where they live will mean more money to nonprofit organizations.

Grants For Nonprofits

Census results means grants from the government to nonprofit organizations for everything from education to the environment, from public transportation to homelessness & from child abuse prevention and beyond.

Being Counted

The Census is mandated by Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution and has been done every 10 years since 1790. It is a head count of every person from newborn babies to centenarians.  The head count is done where people live (where they live and sleep each day). For example, a college student who lives in a dorm is recorded at their dorm and not their parents home.

The counting begins in Mid March and you will be receiving your invitation to participate in the mail.  You can do the Census online, by phone or by mail. Everyone needs to answer the Census by April 1, 2020.  Anyone who does not respond will be visited later this year by Census takers.

Census takers will be doing headcounts of  those facing homeslessness in the country through a 3 day point in time canvas separate from what states and other agencies do or have done in the recent past to count the homeless.


The Census is private.  No personal information is shared with anyone.  Census takers and all Census staff take oath to not share personal information for life or they will go to jail and pay huge fines.  Personal information is not shared with agencies including immigration services (ICE) or law enforcement or even the White House.

To learn more about the Census and making sure EVERYONE IS COUNTED, Click Here