Singing for Change (SFC) Singing for Change (SFC) partners with progressive, community-based organizations addressing the root causes of social problems. It focuses on low overhead, collaboration heavy organizations working in their community to find innovative solutions for empowerment and change. Created by Jimmy Buffet, the Signing for Change program donates $1 for every ticket Jimmy sells to one of his shows.

Grant Size

Grants range in size from $1,000.00 to $10,000.00.


501c3 organizations or those with 501c3 fiscal sponsors only.

The program does not support: public or private schools, individuals, government agencies, art, music, or recreational programs, disaster relief, political organizations, religious organizations, medical research, quality of life, wish fulfillment, or disease treatment organizations, basic needs programs (that exist to supply food or clothing), single service programs such as individual counseling, efforts to protect individual species or animals.

Exceptions may be made by board member or founder request.


Areas of interest include children and families, and disenfranchised and marginalized groups (due to social or economic class, disabilities, homelessness, education, etc.). The program places emphasis on projects which help people overcome social or economic barriers to education or employment, promote the empowerment of individuals toward self-sufficiency, and provide opportunities for personal growth that benefit their greater community, and/or demonstrate human equality and encourage people to cross boundary lines to help others.


Application requires:

  • a mission statement,
  • a description of project and how the project empowers others to benefit others,
  • a project plan that includes measurability, and steps for acheiving the goals with timetables,
  • the organization’s rediness,
  • confirmation of 501c3 status,
  • itemized budget,
  • and aletter from your projects managers.

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Develop a Strategic Plan for this Grant Application